Rancho Santa Margarita

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Premium tavern ham with your choice of cheese

Grilled Ham & Cheese $12.95Grilled Cheese $10.95
Add Avocado (Optional):Avocado +$2
Add Cheese (Optional):Cheddar +$1Swiss +$1American +$1Jalepeno Jack Cheese +$1
Sides (Select 1):French Fries Garlic Fries Onion Rings Cole Slaw Potato Chips Fruit
Add on Sides (Optional):Sidewinder Fries +$1.50Sweet Potato Fries +$1.50Tater Tots +$1.50
Additional Dressing or Salsa (Optional):Ranch +$0.25Blue Cheese +$0.25Honey Mustard +$0.25Italian +$0.25Thousand Island +$0.25Balsamic +$0.25Caesar +$0.25Salsa +$0.25